The large tree climbing trails

+ 9 years and + 1.40m

The area of large acrobranche courses consists of different courses of height and increasing difficulty.

Green courses

are low height and this tree climbing exercise will allow you to warm up gently.

Blue courses

The blue courses offer you the opportunity to gain height. Higher up, but also a bit more difficult, they are a good introduction to following.

Red courses

already ask a little more dexterity while the sensations in the amusement park start heres.

Black courses

will allow you to transcend both technical and physical workshops in the adventure park.
And to keep an unforgettable memory, finish the course with the free fall jump that will leave you with a sense of freedom.

Tyrolean course

The zip line is an essential area of adventure courses. It provides a maximum of sensations without demanding physical prowess out of the ordinary. So, Passerelles des Cimes to create two zip lines only zip lines to meet this need.
The adult Tyrolean route culminates up to 10mn high for its highest platform. Take the time to look up and contemplate the Monts du Vaucluse that are available to you! Then let yourself slide on our cables and enjoy this moment of freedom in complete safety.

From now on, the children also have a dedicated Tyrolean course, because the happiness, it is not only for the big ones!


From 12 years old.
The famous jump in free fall, the Bigjump you wait! More than 10m high and a very small mattress at the bottom that makes you an eye …
This jump must still be a little worth because it will take to get high for the fall is impressive. After a long access gate a little technical, you only have the pleasure … or the anxiety to throw you into the void.
You will have the feeling of a true free fall while being accompanied gently on the ground. The Quick Jump system we have implemented uses magnetic induction braking technology to provide passengers with sensation and safety.

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