The children’s courses

From 4 years old

The average courses are accessible from 4 years old, to reckless children. They will have 6 different levels that are exclusive to them and the largest of them will even be able to access the first levels of the adult courses, accompanied by a parent. As in the area of great courses, they will have barrels, creepers, zip lines, monkey bridge, ladders, ropes, nets and many other courses as fun as physical.

These courses are entirely in a « continuous lifeline » system in order to offer them maximum security.

This area offers workshops as well as large courses, but at a low altitude in accordance with the European standards that govern the adventure courses in Europe. Children will find dream bridges, swings, cans, net bridges ..; as well as a Tyrolean route dedicated to them.

The largest and most agile can practice on the area of great courses. They will have access to the first 4 courses in the adult zone.

By phone : +33 (0)4 90 38 56 87
Or booking online.